Afternoon Delight
Authors name:

***Authors note***

Daddy is my lover, this is a fantasy my lover likes to portray, this is a fictional story that should not be construed as incestual in nature.


Shall I ignore his protests that I stop tormenting his caged lust? Should I bend down in front of him as he gazes into my eyes? Or should I chastize him for the unspoken lust that his eyes are pleading to me?

I think I shall give him some of the loving he is so eagerly asking for. Please my sweet, let me have you just one more time. The quick fuck in the meadow had not quenched her desires much, Daddy, please don't be mad at me. I didn't mean to make you hard before dinner. But dinner is over now. Would you like some dessert? Like a faint breeze I flit from the room. Off to the shower I run. Daddy doesn't like it when I have grass stains on me. He and I had been running down the hill and I slid a long ways after slipping. As I scub away the green I think of the moments about to happen.

Creaaak... Somebody has opened the bathroom door. I bet it's daddy, he doesn't like it when I take too long in the shower. I quickly turn the water off and await the inevitable. I spread my legs so that I have more balance and then I lean against the cool tile with my eyes closed. I know that any moment he will have shed his clothes and I will feel him there beside me. I jump as his tongue slides across my nipple. His fingers explore my slippery clit, clean and wet but from desire, not the water that still rolls in droplets down my naked frame. I open my eyes to see those familiar dark orbs searching for the sparkle of desire in mine, I smile knowing he has found it.

I reach for him as his tongue tangles with mine. I can taste the sharpness of the hurried cigarette he had stubbed out before entering the shower. There are times when I am alone I can taste his kisses and it makes me wet. I close my eyes and I feel him move away. I keep them closed knowing that I will get a nice surprise, but anxious I open my eyes again to see him kneeling in front of me, grinning like a cheshire cat. He's smiling because there was a reason for me taking so long in the shower. I had been shaving, for him. He reaches out with two fingers and spreads my full lips, I gasp with the certainty that I am about to have no control. He tells me to grab the shower head, and don't let go. I do and moan as his tongue enters me so slow I want to let go of the shower head and push his face deep into my crotch. My head falls back and I groan hoping that I can endure the exquisite pleasure for more than a moment before I collapse and search for his throbbing cock so I can impale my clenching twat on him. It's hard to concentrate on holding the shower head while he tortures me with his tongue. He strokes his cock and I look at him with lust crazed eyes. "Please daddy, I can't take it no more. Please fuck me. Here. Now. Please."

He stops for a moment and looks at me with an evil grin. I start to let go of the shower head and with a swift movement he reaches for my titty. I reaffrim my grip on the shower head knowing the familiar signal that I'd be best not to disobey. Not that I mind the quick pinches, they don't hurt that much, but I don't want to make daddy mad. He might stop what he's doing and leave me here all worked up. I was right to have gripped the pipe again, because as I closed my eyes again I felt those marvelous fingers enter me. My knees go weak and I slump against the wall, he knows the ways to make me obey so eagerly. As I get closer and closer to cumming he slows the rhythmic movement of his fingers, sweet torture. I open my eyes with a flash as I feel the pounding in my loins readying to explode, in an instant he pulls his soaked fingers from my cunt and pulls me to him. I clasp my arms around his neck as he lifts me into his arms. Out of the bathroom he carries me to our playroom.

I am ready for him as never before but he isn't done with the foreplay yet. As he sits me on the bed I look into his eyes, knowing that this is so right. I reach for his swollen cock and take it gingerly into my mouth, savoring the droplets of salty lubrication at its tip. He sways and catches me by the head as I reach around behind him and grasp him by the ass. With my free hand I caress his balls and feel the movement inside them swaying with the rocking motion as he fucks my mouth. I hold him tightly, to make him still and then I run my tongue along his shaft with deliberate slowness, just as he tortures me, it's my turn.

I pull away and crawl across the bed, glancing back at him with renewed intrest. I lean up against the wall and put my hands thru the leather and fur straps, smiling my invitation to him. He bounds across the bed and quickly cinches the straps before I change my mind. I should have waited for a moment because I hadn't thought about the blindfold. Once in the restraints, I'm his. I don't have a choice now. Darkness closes in as he secures it around my eyes. I'm helpless to avoid any movements he may wish to make. I relax for a moment as I adjust to the darkness, I can hear him at the sink, running water.

He lifts my left ankle and secures the strap and then the right ankle. What does he have in mind tonight? He's there at my cunt again, tasting the tangy fluid slowing oozing out, a smooth slippery finger finds my ass and slowly and gently is inserted. My cunt rises to this new intruder and then coldness engulfs my breast. Just as I begin to get used to the icy mouth working my nipple, he stops. I gyrate my ass towards him and then the coldness is there, at my cunt. He's licking my juices away with an icy mouth. Oooh, my sweet, I feel a smooth soft hard ice cube slide from his mouth into my cunt. Another finger is added to my ass as I wriggle in pleasure. I'm so hot the ice cube has already melted. He pulls his fingers from my ass and unclasps the restraints on my ankles. Slow cold wet kisses travel up my body as he works his way to my face. I stick out my tongue in hopes of inviting a tender kiss. I get bit instead. Not hard, but my tongue retreats in haste.

Fine be that way. He's there at the blindfold when suddenly I feel his cock there at my mouth. Insistent, and hot. Worried how close his mouth might actually be I open my mouth without sticking my tongue out this time. The invitation is accepted and he gently enters my mouth, worried I may bite back. I don't, instead I suck down on him with all the force I can muster and he groans with relief. He unties the restraints leaving me still blindfolded, as I suck on him tenderly now I reach for his ass, while reaching, he takes hold of my hand and now I have slippery fingers. I smile knowing he wants some too. Such a wonderful sensation it is for him to have me sucking him off while I use my one finger that I don't let a nail grow very long on, to excite him into a frenzy. Such a tease that I am, I can feel him ready to cum, I ease my finger from his ass and slide him from my mouth, all the while he is trying to stay in the warm wetness.

Quickly the blindfold is removed and he stares into my eyes as he mounts me and plunges his cock deep into my waiting volcano. I smile knowing that this is heaven and that he loves me as nobody ever has before. I push to meet his powerful thrusts and our mouths melt together in a comsuming kiss as our bodies pound at each other with abandon. In a heady rush we cry out in passion as we arrive at the ultimate climax together. Exhausted we collapse on the bed, him still throbbing his last drops of love into me. I smile and kiss him again tasting myself on his lips once more.


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